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Chicago Women's Health Center          1025 W. Sunnyside Ave #201              Chicago, IL 60640

Tribe, A Healing Arts Community          1821 W. Belmont Ave                          Chicago, IL 60657

House visits available for additional fee

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Nicole’s healing touch extends past her hands.  Her words of sincere wisdom, her comforting and warm demeanor, and her genuine desire to heal others make Nicole’s sessions profoundly unique.  Never before have I experienced a Reiki session that so immediately and powerfully made me feel peaceful and prepared to take on new obstacles.  Even after just a few treatments, I felt a deep transformation in myself that was both physical and emotional.   Nicole's radiant inner beauty and her ability to deeply heal a troubled soul have made such a significant impact on my life.




I came to see Nicole because I needed help. I lived in constant chronic pain from fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and bone degeneration.  Reiki sessions with Nicole have brought so much healing and peace to my body, mind and spirit.  After a session with Nicole I feel completely recharged- I have energy to function, my spirit feels uplifted, and I experience a significant decrease in the pain in my body that stays with me for weeks. Working with Nicole has significantly improved my quality of life, and I feel very blessed to have been connected with her.




I have had such a wonderful experience with Nicole.  She really takes her time and makes me feel very understood and relaxed.  The sessions are powerfully calming and restorative; I enjoy the variety of healing modalities she incorporates.  Nicole's energy is simultaneously empowering and soothing.  Afterwards, I feel very centered, grounded, and present with my self.  In such busy times where we are so often extremely overstimulated, I find this all incredibly valuable.  I'm so grateful to have connected with Nicole, and so blessed to have received her care.



Words fail to describe the incredible impact that Nicole has had on my mind, body and soul. I came at my lowest low, and am now on the healing path towards great things. Sessions with Nicole have caused a great and powerful shift in my life.  Nicole’s kind and gentle guidance, along with powerful metaphysical healing, have helped me to find my inner strength. I now stand tall and proud.




Working with Nicole was an incredibly affirming and comforting experience. In her practice, Nicole continually incorporates an air of respect and honor for bodies. For someone who struggles with feeling embodied and present in my body, Nicole's vast variety of recommendations, options, and approaches to Reiki, energy work, and bodily empowerment gave me hope that I can improve my bodily connection and communication. The impact of one hour with Nicole definitely stays with me for weeks!




Reiki Rivers awoke my inner joy, which I had buried under the constant pressure of trying to please everyone but myself.  Nicole helped me to learn the art of compassion for myself.  I have also learned to laugh in the face of fear, two very life altering skills.  Through working with Nicole, I have gained an awareness of life which I don’t know how I lived without. I have learned great wisdom that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.




Reiki Rivers has awoken in me the ability to climb mountains; the power to look lions in the eye and laugh; the joy of self-love and the general happiness that comes with being present in the world.




Nicole made me feel very welcome.  She has a warm and friendly presence.  She took time before the session to talk with me about why I was there and explain what she was going to do, and took time after the session to talk about my experience, and give me her feedback and ideas for how I can continue to work towards the objectives I wanted to achieve through Reiki.  She was very attentive to my comfort level.  The session itself was soothing and brought me solace during a stressful time in my life.  I would recommend Nicole's services to both people who are experienced with Reiki and curious first timers.




Nicole is a lovely person and makes you feel relaxed from the first moment you come in for the session. The mixtures of techniques and her attention to detail is what makes this hour session so incredible. I came in feeling so tight and stressed, and left feeling like new!