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**Services below may be combined within one healing session.


Reiki Energy Healing Session  ~  1-1.5 Hours      

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is over 2,500 years old.  It is an ancient technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words- "Rei" which means "Universal" and is also a general term for "Spirit" or "Spiritually Guided," and "Ki" which means "Life Force Energy."  So Reiki is "Universal Life Force Energy" or "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy."  

A practitioner administers Reiki by a simple laying on of hands and channeling this universal life force energy, allowing the energy to flow where it is needed to receive healing.  When our flow of life force energy is disrupted, weakened or blocked, health problems often occur.  Reiki energy healing provides a means to restore balance to our energy centers (chakras), to create conditions needed for the body's healing system to function optimally.  Reiki works by channeling Divine healing energy and opening the energy channels in the body.  This allows the body to deal properly and naturally with stress and build-up of emotional, mental and physical toxins.  Reiki recharges and relaxes the body, accelerating the abiilty to heal.  When we are relaxed and free of stress and tension, we are able to restore our natural ability to facilitate healing for ourselves.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use and benefit from.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.  It identifies physical problems and opens the mind to the root cause of dis-ease and pain.  It is useful in healing trauma from addictions and abuse, and accelerates the process of forgiving ourselves and others.  

Reiki is also a useful and wonderful healing tool for our pets and companion animals!  Reiki can be particularly helpful for companion animals who suffer from anxiety, a variety of behavioral issues, and animals that are experiencing physical pain or recovering from a recent injury or surgery. 

Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and ailment, and also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve countless symptoms and medication side effects, as well as promote healing and recovery.  See 'Reiki Healing' above for additional information about the potential health benefits of Reiki and how Reiki healing energy works!

Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval ~  1-1.5 Hours

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing that is used to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of a person's problem or illness.  A shamanic practitioner uses a drum or a rattle to shift into altered states of consciousness so they may access different realities in the spirit world in order to bring back healing, information and power.  Shamanic healing is an effective form of healing to address any physical, emotional or mental health issues.  It is excellent for restoring self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, and a person's individual sense of power in the world.  Shamanic healing is also effective for removing unwanted energies, soul retrieval, retrieving a spiritual ally and for ancestral healing.  It is a powerful form of healing that may be used in combination with any other healing modality.

Additional information about Soul Retrieval-  Everyone experiences what shamans would call 'soul loss.'  Soul loss happens in a person's life typically as a result of some traumatic incident (an accident, any type of abuse or assault, the loss of a loved one, illness, being in a natural disaster, surgery, addiction, experiences of embarassment or ridicule, etc.).  Any event that causes a person shock can cause soul loss.  During these traumatic incidents a piece of our soul may leave in order to protect us from the immense pain that we would experience if we were fully present in our bodies at that time. In the moment of trauma soul loss isn't seen as something bad that happens to us, it is actually seen as something that is good because it is protective.  It is how we survive pain.  It can be similar to the protective effects of what psychologists would call dissociation during a traumatic event.  For example, if you were going to be in a head on collision would you really want to be fully conscious and 100% in your body at the moment of the collision?  

Soul loss in the moment of trauma is not a bad thing, however, if soul parts do not return on their own after the traumatic moment has passed this is when they can begin to cause problems (or symptoms) for people.  Symptoms of soul loss can include some of the following:  not feeling fully in your body, fully alive, or fully engaged in your life; chronic depression; fear, PTSD; immune system problems or chronic illness; chronic misfortune; addictions; grief that does not resolve; lacking memory of large parts of your life; low self-esteem; lack of self-worth, self-love and self-confidence; etc.  In a soul retrieval session, it is the role of the shamanic practitioner to track down where the soul essence has fled to and return it to the person.  

Oncology Reiki Healing Session  ~  1-1.5 Hours    

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Oncology Reiki utilizes specific applications of Reiki to facilitate healing for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.  This unique application of Reiki includes powerful gene activation and de-activation techniques to assit the client in their healing process.

Reiki Phowa Session  ~  1-1.5 Hours      

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Reiki Phowa is a unique practice that combines the beautiful energy of Reiki with the Tibetan and Apache Native American teachings respective to the transference of consciousness at the time of death.  It is a gentle and loving practice designed to provide assistance to a person undergoing the physical death process, or to assist someone in preparing for their time of transition.

Crystal Healing ~  1- 1.5 Hours

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Experience an energy healing session with the added benefits of healing crystals that are placed on and around the body during the treatment.  Specific crystals are selected for their healing properties that align with the client's healing needs and goals.

Crystal Singing Bowls  ~  1 Hour

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $60

Crystal singing bowls are a form of vibration and sound therapy.  Sound and music can be powerful tools in the healing process that assist the body in self-generative healing.  Large bowls made of quartz crystal are played in the room or placed directly on the body.  The beautiful sounds and vibrations emanating from the bowls re-tune the body by opening, clearing and re-balancing the chakras.  The rich sounds and vibrations generate deep feelings of wellness, relaxation and stress relief that can lead the body to a place of homeostasis and restoration.

Spiritual Consultations  ~  1 Hour

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Consultations may be utilized to benefit the following:  reconnecting to your sense of spirituality; creating your own unique spiritual practices and defining your personal connection to Spirit; spiritual awakening; discovering your life purpose; identifying and dissolving patterns in your life that no longer serve you; healing and releasing old wounds or traumas; creating healthy spiritual patterns; learning to properly utilize principals of Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction to manifest a life that makes you happy; understanding our life contracts, learning to dissolve unhealthy contracts and create new contracts that empower us and help us to evolve; learning to write affirmations and prayers that most benefit our healing and spiritual evolution; etc.  Spiritual Consultation sessions may also be used to provide meditation instruction, to learn a variety of breathwork techniques, and to learn the sacred practice of chanting ancient Sanskrit mantra. 

Tuning Fork Therapy ~  1 Hour

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $50

Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Tuning fork therapy is a unique, energy-based, non-invasive technique used to alter the body's biochemistry and bring the nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupressure points to access the body's meridian and chakra energy systems. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along the energy pathways, affecting human physiology. The resonance and vibration of the tuning forks connects with the body's natural frequencies, promoting wellness and deep relaxation. Tuning fork therapy is effective for reducing stress, increasing blood flow and circulation, enhancing the body's immune system, and providing pain relief for numerous conditions and ailments (acute, chronic, muscular, menstrual, headaches, fibromyalgia, etc.).

Ayurvedic Head Massage  ~  1 Hour

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $60

Indian head massage has its foundation in the ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurvedic. The western version of the traditional art is an energetic, stress relieving therapy which focuses on the neck, shoulders, scalp and face.  Ayurvedic head massage is great for relaxation, as well as relieving jaw tension, headaches, migraines, sinus and cranial pressure, neck pain, and reducing stress. It is also useful in promoting restful sleep patterns, refreshing adrenal points, and as an excellent enhancer of hair follicle stimulation.         

Foot & Hand Reflexology  ~  1 Hour

Sliding Scale Fee: $90 - $60

Reflexology is a scientific treatment that focuses on thousands of nerves in different areas of the feet or hands which correspond to major glands & organs in the body. By applying pressure to stimulate a specific area of the foot or hand, a healing effect is felt on the corresponding area of the body.